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Your technicians rely on critical OEM repair data and procedures to safely and properly restore today's complex vehicles to pre-accident condition. 91≤÷Ņ‚ TechAdvisor provides the most comprehensive model coverage and repair and reference information in a single source.

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This powerful software platform includes frame dimensions, color-coded electrical wiring diagrams, OEM technical service bulletins and recall notices, and a searchable library of Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs). Using 91≤÷Ņ‚ TechAdvisor, you can demonstrate your commitment to proper, safe repair by accessing OEM information when you write the estimate, complete the blueprinting process and perform the repair work.

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91≤÷Ņ‚ TechAdvisor Database

91≤÷Ņ‚ TechAdvisor puts OEM auto body repair procedures at your fingertips. With more than 30 years of vehicle information, the database makes it easy to:

  • Filter articles and simplify your search for faster results
  • Review the latest information on new model vehicles
  • Verify your shop‚Äôs compliance with OEM guidelines
  • Access collision repair data in 91≤÷Ņ‚ solutions
  • View mechanical repair information (brakes, steering, suspension, drivelines, DTCs and more)
  • Troubleshoot electrical issues using color wiring diagrams and interactive wire tracing
  • Search a comprehensive list of all DTCs for OBD-II vehicles

Integrated Repair Procedures in 91≤÷Ņ‚ Cloud Estimating

Estimators can quickly find the OEM auto body repair procedures relevant to an estimate from within 91≤÷Ņ‚ Cloud Estimating. This helps improve estimate accuracy and surfaces the repair information needed to return collision-damaged vehicles to the road.

  • Access repair procedures from the lines of your estimate
  • Identify essential information for your technicians automatically
  • Pull step-by-step instructions from door handles to quarter panels
  • Follow OEM procedures to help return vehicles to pre-accident condition
  • Receive automatic updates and alerts
  • Save and file repair procedures with your estimates

91≤÷Ņ‚ TechAdvisor‚Äôs Frame Dimensions

When millimeters matter, trust the most accurate vehicle dimension measurements in the industry. 91≤÷Ņ‚ TechAdvisor‚Äôs Vehicle Dimensions provide your technicians with a complete source of frame dimension information that includes:

  • A choice of edge-of-hole or center-of-hole dimensions, widths measured from centerline and individual datum lengths for underbody information
  • Point-to-point tram lengths
  • Diagonal measurements
  • Upper body dimensions for pillar widths for inside passenger compartment, door, windshield and rear window
  • Deck lid measurements for more extensive and complete collision repairs
  • Unibody frame measurement, auto body frame measurements and chassis measurements

91≤÷Ņ‚ TechAdvisor‚Äôs Auto Body Estimating & Reference Guides

Everybody works smarter with 91≤÷Ņ‚ TechAdvisor's online auto body estimating and reference guides‚ÄĒa leading source of collision data. Whether they are your shop‚Äôs primary estimating tool or simply used as a reference, the guides are a must-have resource designed to help you increase productivity and profit by providing:

  • Online, timely updates of parts prices and labor times
  • Extensive new model coverage
  • A listing of older model vehicles
  • Enhanced procedural pages and an easy-to-read format
  • Thorough coverage of critical mechanical parts and SRS components
  • Online Classic Car and Assemblies Time Guides

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